Are you looking to celebrate your special someone this Valentine’s Day? There’s no better way to embrace the spirit of love than indulging in Memo Cakery’s delightful collection of Valentine’s Day Cakes. Our skilled pastry chefs have put together an array of desserts that not only touch the soul but also enchant your eyes and taste palate. Join us as we explore our selection of Valentine’s Cakes, made with rich flavours and artistry to express the deepest sentiments of your love and affection.

Here are Our Collection of Valentine’s Day Cakes:

The Luscious Strawberry Red Velvet Cheesecake

Imagine the best red velvet cheesecake infused with a blend of rich flavours, where layers of Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse harmonise beautifully with the lively colours of Strawberry Jelly, finished off with a chocolate glaze that adds an exciting texture. This cake symbolises love and comfort making it a perfect pick for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Each mouthful is a proclamation of love that transforms February 14th into a memorable moment. With its flavour profile and stunning appearance, this cheesecake from Memo Cakery serves as a tribute to the day devoted to love. You absolutely must try this! 

The Most Decadent Dark Chocolate Almond Cake

Experience the delight with our Decadent Dark Chocolate Almond cake, a masterpiece crafted for those who adore dark chocolate. The velvety dark chocolate mousse forms the base, elegantly mingling with the flavour of salted almond cream. The contrast of the chocolate coating and toasted almonds elevates this cake to an extraordinary level of pleasure. With this, a layer of cocoa sponge cake is added to balance out the richness creating a blend that transforms each bite into a journey of flavours evoking memories of your love’s intricate nuances. 

The Citrusy Sophistication of Milk Chocolate Orange Cake

Savour a combination of sweetness and tanginess with our Milk Chocolate Orange Cake. The smooth milk chocolate mousse, paired with zesty cream delivers a refreshing and decadent taste experience. With a gluten-free brownie base, this luscious cake can be enjoyed by everyone in the room. 

This cake celebrates the diversity in love by blending chocolate with orange and brownie in every mouthful—a true reflection that love knows no boundaries, turning each indulgent moment into a celebration of unity, amidst diversity. 

The Classical Black Forest Cake:

Take a journey with our classical Black Forest Cake, a work of art that combines traditional charm with a touch of modern sophistication. At its core, the mascarpone mousse creates a creamy foundation, complemented by the elegance of cherry jelly and cherries soaked in Kirsch. Layered within a fluffy chocolate sponge cake, this delight harmoniously blends flavours to showcase the timeless allure of the Black Forest dessert. Beyond a treat, this cake is a passage through history honouring the enduring appeal of classics that continue to enchant. It represents a toast to love on a special day. 

How to Choose the Right Valentine's Cake for You?

Choosing Valentine’s cake for your significant other involves more than just selecting the cake flavour. It’s about understanding their preferences, taking into account any restrictions they may have and incorporating a theme that reflects your relationship. Begin by thinking about your partner’s favourite flavours and desserts. Do they prefer rich chocolate treats or refreshing fruity delights? For individuals with dietary limitations look for bakeries such as Memo Cakery that provide gluten-free cakes and vegan cakes to ensure everyone can savour a piece of cake. Lastly, think about the atmosphere of your Valentine’s Day celebration; whether it’s an evening or a lively and whimsical date, opt for a cake design that complements the mood. This considerate approach demonstrates your commitment to making the day as extraordinary as they are, to you. 

Express Your Love with a Special Cake from Us!

Here at Memo Cakery, we recognise that Valentine’s Day is more than about a cake’s ingredients; it’s about crafting an experience that stays with you even long after the final crumb is gone. Our cakes are made with care and precision guaranteeing that each slice narrates a tale of pleasure and happiness. 

We make sure every cake you order is an expression of love, showcasing layers of textures and rich flavours that promise to elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration to the next level. From the Red Velvet Cheesecake adorned with Strawberry Mousse and Jelly to the exquisitely decorated cakes topped with white chocolate, each creation reflects the dedication and artistry of our talented bakers. Allow us to create the best cake in Auckland as a gesture of your affection with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost attention to ensure every mouthful is brimming with love.


As you browse through our selection for Valentine’s Day, remember that love, like a cake, is a blend of different layers that work together harmoniously. It’s sweet, playful, occasionally tangy, but always a joyful occasion. This Valentine’s Day, indulge in the spirit of love with our cakes from Memo Cakery – each slice is a moment to remember. Get in touch to place your orders and create beautiful memories to cherish with your special ones this February 14th 

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