Get ready to welcome a member to the family by ordering a custom baby shower cake from Memo Cakery. Known for their cakes that leave a lasting impression, Memo Cakery offers a variety of options to make your celebration truly unforgettable. These cakes are not only visually appealing but also delicious, promising to be the highlight of your baby shower. 

Customised for Your Celebration

At Memo Cakery, we understand that every baby shower is unique. That’s why our cakes are tailored to match your preferences and themes. Whether you’re celebrating a baby boy, or girl or keeping it a surprise. With available sizes such as medium and large, our cakes ensure that everyone, at the event can enjoy a slice of happiness. 

We take pride in our selection of cake flavours and fillings each carefully crafted to blend taste and texture. Explore our options that are sure to add an extra touch of joy to your celebration. 


Here are some of the standout cakes in our collection: 

Strawberry Red Velvet Cheesecake

Taste Description: 

  • Indulge in the Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse, a velvety and light mousse infused with the essence of strawberries offering a slightly tangy flavour that pairs perfectly with the red velvet base 
  • Experience the Strawberry Jelly layer, a vibrant burst of strawberry goodness enhances the cake’s freshness and fruity scent. 
  • Enjoy the White Chocolate Coated Crunch, a crispy texture contrasts coated in chocolate for an exquisite finish. 

Ube Cheesecake

Taste Description: 

  • A silky Ube Mousse that combines the nutty taste of ube with a light and airy texture giving you a glimpse of Filipino flavours. 
  • Savour the Cream Cheese Spread, rich and creamy. This layer adds cheesecake richness to balance out the sweetness of ube mousse with its tangy profile. 
  • Experience the Ube Sponge Cake base, a moist and tender purple-hued sponge offering sweetness to anchor this delicacy.  

Milk Chocolate Orange Cake

Taste Description: 

  • Indulgent Milk Chocolate Mousse; A creamy mousse that delights the taste buds with the flavour of milk chocolate, providing a velvety and luxurious experience. 
  • Zesty Orange Cream Layer; This tangy cream layer adds a burst of citrusy freshness to balance out the richness of the chocolate creating a contrast. 
  • Brownie Base without Gluten is a gluten-free moist brownie base ensuring that even those with restrictions can savour this delicious treat. 

Vegan Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Taste Description: 

  • Plant-Based Baked Cheesecake, a vegan version of the cheesecake this layer boasts a creamy texture without any animal ingredients. 
  • Walnut-infused Carrot Cake; Featuring walnuts and spiced carrot cake this element brings an appeal and complex flavours that perfectly complement the cheesecake layer. 
  • Sweet Vegan Caramel Drizzle; The finishing touch of vegan caramel drizzle adds a sweetness harmonising all components with its silky, indulgent taste. 


At Memo Cakery, our cake showcases our dedication to excellence, creativity, and inclusivity by offering options, for tastes and dietary needs. Each cake is carefully made with attention to detail. Our talented team of bakers and decorators work diligently from choosing high-quality ingredients to adding touches that make your cake visually stunning and delicious.  

Steps to Order Your Cake

Ordering a baby shower cake from Memo Cakery is a breeze. We recommend placing your order so that our team can dedicate the time and care to creating your special cake. Simply choose your size and flavour, then leave the rest to us. Pickup options are available at our cake shop located in Auckland. 


Why Choose Memo Cakery for Your Baby Shower Cake? 

  • Excellence in Quality and Craftsmanship: Our cakes are meticulously handcrafted using selected ingredients that reflect our commitment to quality. 
  • Memorable Flavours: Our innovative flavour combinations are designed to surprise and delight ensuring that your baby shower cake will be a feature of your celebration. 

Get in Touch with Memo Cakery

Ready to place an order or inquire about details? Contact Memo Cakery today to secure a baby shower cake that will be as remarkable, as the occasion it celebrates. 

Our team is here to help answer any inquiries you may have ensuring that your experience with us is as smooth and delightful as our cakes. When you choose Memo Cakery for your baby shower cake you’re selecting a blend of creativity, flavour, and exceptional service. Let us add to your celebration by providing a cake that not only looks beautiful but also delights the taste buds creating a baby shower experience. 


To assist you in planning your baby shower event here are some questions about our baby shower cakes: 


  • Can I order a cake for a gathering? 

Our large-sized cake caters to groups by offering generous servings. For gatherings, our medium cake provides a combination of portion size and flavour without compromising on presentation. 

  • How should I store my cake until the baby shower? 

To maintain the freshness and appearance of your cake we recommend refrigerating it until before the celebration. 

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